What Sugar has an effect on your hair loss?

So I am not going to patronise you by telling you the adverse effects on your body that sugar can cause. I think we all know that, what shocked me is the effects it can have on your hair.

I don’t know about you but its not something I have really considered? That is until I started to research about hair loss for my own personal journey.

I always realised that sugar has an adverse effect on my waist line, not on my barnet. High blood sugar can increase the risk of hair loss. A build-up of sugar in the blood can damage blood vessels and organs throughout the body. Healthy blood vessels are necessary for transporting oxygen and nutrients to each part of the body, including hair follicles. What the...... Mind blown didn’t think about you soz hair. Now I know this isn’t the only factor why we lose our hair, but it can be a contributing factor something we may want to consider. Or certainly be mindful of if we are experiencing hair loss, try and cut down on sugar to see if it will have an effect.

For me personally I always think about my general health but I don’t think about the effects my action cause to my hair until now! Funny as the first thing to go is our hair as the body see’s it as non essential, this is the first thing we see as a warning sign hair loss. Although in my case I ignored it and shoved extensions in, I ignored my body screaming at me something is wrong! Big fat alarm bell, but as you know from my story I have ignored a lot of those during my life!

I know this isn’t the only factor why we lose our hair, but it can be a contributing factor something to be mindful of.

All forms of sugar can contribute to hair loss, but fructose may be the contributing factor. Now before we all jump on but fruit has soo many benefits, I am totally aware of the benefits. I just wonder if the consumption of fructose maybe something that you may want to consider?

I know I want to look into this more, so further posts to come. I have outlined more info on fructose and the effects on your body in an Instagram post, GO GO check it out.

So that's me for this week more to come about hair loss next week.

See Ya next Tuesday for more hair facts. xx

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