The secret Hair Diary of Mum

Updated: Mar 25

Hey everyone,

I hope you are all good.

Ok so I took some time out last week to think about the blog and where I want this to go. I feel like I would like it to be a bit more about me so you get to see, why I set up the company what inspires me, and give you a download of my brain all the things we think we just don't say! Jesus that is scary!!! Its essentially going to be a diary for me. So the stuff we don't really discuss, but we ALL think about. Today I thought I would ease you in gently... with my background and why I set up my hair company.

I feel like I tell you my background and why I set up Luxury Locks or Easy_hairextensions now. The reason I re-named It is because I wanted to expand to the Halo, but please note I do love them both.

So my mission is to make easy extensions for women, who want a good quality product, who maybe of a certain age so may have hair issues, due to hormones, age, children and want a solution. To make them feel confident, happy and more importantly have fun. We spend our lives worrying about other people, have the kids got his, have you washed your husbands pants, have you given money for a gift, have you walked the dog? The list is bloody endless and if you are anything like me laying down at 7.30pm thinking what have I missed?

Having my hair enables me to spend time before the school run, popping something in and feeling like me! Feeling confident, because I am soo lazy and cant be bothered to spend time doing my hair, my hair is pre-done because it holds the curl and I feel better, therefore the trajectory of my day feels better.

Have you ever put on lipstick even though you have no makeup on and instantly feel better. That is exactly how I feel with the hair. It gives me that buzz, that feeling of something a little extra when my day may not have been going so well. Its just nice like a warm hug saying everything Sam will be ok and today will be a good day. Even though it may not be, just like this is your amour and its one little trick to make you feel better.

Anyway I am treating the blog a bit like a dear diary, speaking from the heart. Because after all you aren’t buying from a brand you are buying from a person. So that journey of how I got from A-B is pretty important.

Thanks so much

Lots of love as always



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