The Hair loss Hair Diary - Part One (Holy Hormones)

Updated: Feb 22

After the birth of my second son I felt I knew the drill, hair loss was due to hit me at about 6-8 months after giving birth.

WRONG.. wow it hit me and hit me harder the second time around. As I had had a shower I would look at the sheer amount of hair falling at my feet. I thought to myself this is normal, totally normal don’t freak out. I wrapped the towel around my hair progressed to my mirror and brushed my hair with the tangle tease I purchased after reading it was gentle on your hair.

I started to dry, the amount of hair as I looked around was alarming. Ok its fine so its more than the 50-100 strands I sat up reading and obsessing about on 1000’s of hair loss pages I reviewed whilst feeding my son at night.

I looked at myself in the mirror and gave myself the pep talk. “ Sam don’t worry this is minor compared to some of the issues other people face”.

“Stop being so bloody vain.”

As I switched on the TV I would see these women with these luscious manes, sweeping it back as they discussed topics. I’d think to myself “I wonder what products they used”, “ lets Google their stylist”.

Without realising it I became obsessed! It literally consumed my thoughts “ What did other women do” “Am I alone” “What’s wrong with me”.

So after much obsessing I booked in a consultation to get bond extensions. Now I am not dismissing bonds they serve a purpose, they make your hair feel like that luscious mane you desire. Upon lots of reflection, aren’t we painting over the cracks? The Cracks we so desperately want to look health, happy and like we have our shit together. But really our hair and Skin can be the gate way to our health. It’s our body screaming out to us saying “Please I am giving you warning signs something isn’t right.”

Part one - Of the Hair loss Diary by Sam xx

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