That Feeling

So this weeks topic is about that feeling..

I just wanted to give you my view of what extensions do for me. So when I got my permanent extension out I felt my hair was super thin and I just felt horrible. I know it sounds really superficial because its just hair, I had my health etc. However I feel that my hair is an extension of my personality, it a way you express yourself. Its not until its gone that you fully appreciate it.

So yes to some extensions maybe superficial but they make me feel better. If I am having a crappy day, I stick my extensions in, if I am not feeling great I stick my extensions in. I feel like it makes me feel confident, makes me feel different from just being Mum or Sam. I feel like I’m doing something for me and putting myself first, its something small but gawwwdd it makes me feel good. Much like my morning routine of breathing, meditation, and exercise, whilst the house is quiet is my saviour in the morning!

Honestly if you haven’t tried it give it a go, do 5 minutes or breathwork whilst meditating and some stretches for 10 minutes, those 15 mins will change the trajectory of your day. I promise you, it seems really small and insignificant but makes ALL the difference. Mentally, emotionally and physically.

I feel this about the hair, its a small thing but it can make such a difference to your confidence. What I really love is the extensions hold their curl = minimal effort, but it looks like you have put effort into styling. This is also a double whammy because I minimise the heat on my hair which means less damage to my hair.

Honestly I wish I could bottle the feeling I get that confidence feeling. I see it on women’s wedding days, or I see a woman on a night out feeling incredible. I wish every woman could feel that feeling! Its my aim to help every woman feel that way.

Lots of love

Sam xx

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