STOP if you want healthy hair read this

A healthy scalp is perhaps the most important component of a healthy head of hair. An unhealthy scalp will cause your hair to thin out and appear discoloured or brittle.

If you are concerned about your scalp health I have a few tips below using products and eating well to help combat an unhealthy scalp.

Products - just like your face your scalp needs the same attention.

1. Cleanse. Shampoos for scalp care range from treating specific helping scalp health, two brilliant brands I recommend are Philip Kinsley & Monpure. Both brands have been developed with tricologists.

2. Tone - A toner will gently remove product build-up and impurities from the scalp again I recommend the brands above.

3. Exfoliate. Similar to exfoliating your face, a scrub for your scalp will remove heavy products sitting in your hair and causing a build up. This will also stimulate new hair follicles to grow!

Food to improve your scalp health

1. Protein is important for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair.

2. Vitamin A and C help circulate oxygen to the scalp.

3. Incorporate iron, zinc, and folic acid into your diet. Zinc will help keep hair on your head and dandruff off it – get those seeds, nuts, greens especially broccoli down ya.

Run towards your dream hair girl you deserve it.

Lots of love

Saath Hair x

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