Products, Products, products all over the world..

In the words of Jay Z my bathroom looks like the inside of Boots. It is filled with products! Hair serums, defrizz spray, hair spray, shampoos ( about 8), conditioners (5) hair masks made from nuts, from natural fruit, oils, and much more.

Why because I find it sooooo hard to stand In front of products and know which one is best. I don’t have time to read through endless reviews, I’d rather be watching the Real housewives of something.

Ok so what do I do then?

Well as my hair started falling out I had no choice but to research products.

That’s really why I set up my hair company/ blog to help women to be of service to you. Help you with the things I wish I’d done, creating easier products to help with thicker hair and confidence. Enough about me & the business lets talk products....

Now I have tried a lot of products, some smell great but the job not so good. Some smell rubbish and really weren’t great! Now I love this product, I love the care the attention to detail. Now what do I mean by that well they provide a shower cap which allows your hair to marinade in the glorious mask, it allows you to lay down with a cup of tea, eat a biscuit without destroying or covering things in your mask. Its an intense mask so the longer you leave it the better it is! So the mask was a great touch, to let my hair marinade in all its glory.

This particular hair mask was founded by tricologists so they know what they are talking about. Rather than Proctor and Gamble or another large manufactures. It helps with breakage, so its designed to add moisture from the daily tolls of life, such as heat, sun light, toxins and help that build up on ya hair and scalp. It contains caster oil which is beneficial for scalp health and to help promote hair growth and olive oil, which is great for really good for damaged hair, helps manges the frizz by smoothing out the cuticles. So its got a lot of benefits, also I have found my hair is less fly away and better with heat products. I found my hair to be very dry, and quite dull, I found since using it I have more body, brighter hair and less frizz.

All in all I would highly recommend it! I don’t have any association with PK so this is an unbiased review. I have also suggested this product in my coaching sessions with some women. They have loved it!

So winner winner chicken dinner from me. If you give it ago let me know what you think send me a DM or pop me an email. Its always nice to hear from you.

Lots of love



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