Hormones and Hair loss help.

Hair is part of who we are and how we present, its a representation of our personalities.

It doesn't define us but it holds a lot of gravitas on the way we feel.

I have personally suffered with hair loss issues as some of you maybe aware.

Its my mission to help women regain confidence and feel the best version

of themselves. To feel empowered to take on the world!

So key factors to hair loss -

Hair follicles cycle between rest and growth - this is normal please keep a tab on how much hair you are losing. If its more than 100 strands its an issue, go seek medical help if this persists.

The Stress tress connection - As you may not be aware stress has an impact on your hair

This is mainly because stress puts you in survival mode! So this is why you may have

break outs, blood flow issues, poor digestion and trouble sleeping. Instead the body is using that energy to fight or flight. Your hair isn't seen as an essential in terms of how your body thinks.

Sex Hormones - When you are pregnant you feel like your hair is super thick, Shiny and

Strong. This is because pregnancy increases the number of hair follicles. The hormones are

particularly nurturing to hair, this is called the expanding growth phase and not shedding any hair. Post partum the hair starts to fall as the hormones balance out. Lots of women recovery

although some see slower progress (this is me!)

Thyroid Hormone

Unfortunately with hypothyroidism comes issues with your hair falling out even your eyebrows, skin and metabolic rate can be impacted. When you have too much Thyroid hormone sadly the same can happen, so balance is key! If you have noticed this get checked out, your Thyroid health is critical.

Menopause - very similar to post partum although unfortunately slightly more complex

if you start to lose hair during menopause its hard to get back. Unless you undertake hormone replacement therapy.

PCOS - Often women with PCOS will suffer with hair in unwanted places and suffer with hair loss. Unfortunately no known cure for PCOS, however you can manage it with medical

assistance such as contraceptive pill, Aldactone, Zinc, Biotin, and weight loss.

Ferritin - Something I always talk about!

Check your levels if you are experiencing hair loss this maybe a contributing factor!

your levels should be over 100. If you are deficient in iron then you will suffer with hair loss. Hair follicles hold onto ferritin, so when your body is lacking it the first thing your body gets rid of is your hair. To replenish its stores as hair isn't deemed important with in your body. I have also suffered with hair loss from my eyebrows! Get checked!

Vit D & B12 - I am forever banging on about B12

Both of these vitamins are essential for hair growth! If you don't have enough Vitamin D

in your diet ( As in England we cant rely on the sunshine!) so eating fatty fish, Brown Chestnut Mushrooms, Milk, Cereals and a good quality Vitamin D supplements can help.

B12 is normally more prevalent in people with digestion issues ( low stomach acid,

gastritis or Celicas) Most people can obtain B12 from animal sourced foods like meat and dairy in some fermented vegetables.

I have summarised all the issues very briefly as I am not a medical professional.

My main motivation for this blog is to show how many issues can be related to hair loss.

I've only touched on a few! Our hair is so important our hair is the window to our health.

if your hair is shedding, don't shrug it off it could be something important.

Keep being you being healthy, look after yourself and give yourself that love and care YOU deserve.

Lots of love Sam xx

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