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Updated: Mar 25

So if you've suffered from frizzy hair you will feel this post! Ever gone on holiday delighted to feel the warm sun, beautiful scenery of an exotic landscape. Only to find you step off the plane and your hair literally is like a frizz ball within seconds.

I hope I'm not alone on this one, no matter how much I embrace the curls the frizz kills me. I'm not alone a beautiful woman sent me a DM asking me " how do you combat frizz". So I decided to look into it.. here is what I found.

Frizzy hair can be caused by a number of issues, here is the top 3 causes -

1) Years of damage caused by weathering of the hair strands, which eventually makes the hair highly porous. When the hair is porous water absorption will cause the shafts to swell. So what can we do to combat this? Make sure your hair conditioned make sure you put a leave in conditioner, or with a mask regularly and rise with cooler water to help seal your cuticles sealing in moisture.

2) Frizzy hair can be damage from external factors such as blow drying, straightening or treatments like relaxing or keratin treatments.

3) Using products which contain sulphates and alcohol. Just stop girl with the sulphate & alcohol based products. Alcohol dries out your body, ever woken up after a night out and had a mouth like the Sahara desert? Well what do you think it does for your barnet girl? Same thing just cut out the booze in your product, especially if you have frizzy hair.

When you get off that plane use a hairspray to lock out humidity and fight frizz! Most importantly don't worry babe, enjoy the holiday, embrace the frizz and relax.

Lots of Love

Sam xx

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