Babe my hair is getting thinner

Howdy its another week.. I am sorry this is a little later than planned I have no excuse! Apart from the fact I thought today was Tuesday!

Ok so enough about my issues with the days of the week, lets dive into this weeks topic. What can cause hair loss...So I broke it down into 4 key points. Now I know there is a lot more points than this, as to why our hair falls out. We could research and discuss so many topics but I thought I would pick out 4.

So here goes -

  1. Wearing the Croydon slick back, So I know as a 90’s chick we had slicked back hair in a pony and that trend is back. What can I say the fashion does a full 360, what does this mean for your hair? Now obviously wearing your hair tied back is not an issues, although try not to wear it back every day! Try minimise the damage by wearing silk, plastic or ones which don’t sit too tightly. Remember putting your hair back for school then taking your hair out, and feeling a relief? Well if your feeling like its a relief taking your hair out that means its causing tensions. When the hair is tied back it pulls the hair and can cause something called traction alopecia. Which can cause bald spots or you can see it at the front of . your hair, a receding hair line. These are all signs of traction alopecia.

  1. Not enough Iron, being iron deficient is something I have suffered with especially after birth. Make sure you are eating enough of it babe. We need 14.8Mg per day which equates to 100g of spinach, organ meats 100g or Legumes 100g, 28g of pumpkin seeds Broccoli 1 cup, half a cup of tofu or fish 100g. Try and include a few of these in your diet per day and you will be close to your daily quota of iron per day. Protein, Vitamin D and Selenium are critical for hair health too.

  1. Hair relaxing – Now I know what people say it means they use less heat tools and I get it. Listen I get the fact it means you don’t have to straighten the shit outta your hair, but lets think for a minute. What chemicals do they have to put into a product to relax your hair? Its going to have an impact on your hair after a while, short term satisfaction but long term pain.

  1. Chronic stress – Now in my post I didn’t include things to help stress. Why? Because we all face stress on a daily bases. I am not going to patronise you by saying you should be doing this or that.. why? I can give you tips to manage stress such as exercise, mediation, doing something you love, journaling etc but that’s for you to decide what works best for you.

I would say that when it comes to hair and stress on hair if we can minimise some of this stuff for a time, whilst we help our hair recover it could make a massive difference. Now I know not doing these things forever will be unsustainable. If we implement for a period of time to get our hair stronger it could make all the difference.

If you have implemented some of these changes and noticed a difference DM, Email me I’d love to hear from you. Or if you want me to cover a particular topic let me know.

Thanks so much

Sam xx

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