10 really interesting facts about hair

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

  1. 85% of women are in a better mood after visiting a hairdresser.

  2. There are 300,000 of treatments against hair loss and that’s more than in case of any other disease.

  3. According to American experts, hair loss affects 60-70% of men and 25-40% of women.

  4. 95% of our skin is covered with hair.

  5. 35-45 degrees is the optimal water temperature for washing your hair.

  6. In summer our hair grows faster than in winter. It also grows faster in the first half of the day and in the evening, while its growth almost stops at night.

  7. First hair appears on the head of a child when he is in a womb of a mother, approximately on 4-5 month of pregnancy.

  8. A single hair of Africans and Asians is the thickest. It can be 3 times thicker than that of European blondes. But at the same time blondes have the biggest amount of hair on their heads about 150,000. Redheads have the thickest hair, but its amount is smaller than that of brunettes.

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