How long do extensions last?

 Pending aftercare, they should last for 6-12 months. Please use like your makeup brushes wash and condition. Its real hair so needs to able to use products and use heat protector if your using heat tools.


Can you cut/wash the extensions and style?

 The answer is yes of course they come up longer so they are designed to be cut to look natural. You can wash and condition your hair as normal, I would suggest to use sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.


Can anyone use them?

Yes its non evasive simple to use so absolutely!


Are they easy to put in?

Yes it takes minutes, it has a small clip which sits in your hair


Are they high maintenance?

No not all hun they are so easy you simply store and clip in whenever you want to add that volume or length.


Why Human hair not Synthetic?  

Nothing wrong with Synthetic hair at all, its often a cheaper alternative and will offer you a nice finish. Like anything you get what you pay for, so human hair is much easy to style, far more durable, much more comfortable, the end look is far more natural often people aren’t aware you are wearing extensions. Which is the aim right?

How much hair will I need?

 My packs come with 4 x 1 clips, 2 x2 clips , 2x3 Clips, 2x4 clip ins. I normally only wear 2x3 clips and 2x4 clips and this is more than enough.

How do I order?

Once we have colour matched you we can order the hair, as its bespoke it generally takes 2- 3 weeks. I promise its worth the wait.


Can I colour or tone the hair?

My general advise Is not to colour the extensions as the top of the extensions are made of silicone and this may damage the top. Please note that dying or toning the hair is done at your own risk and voids any chance of a refund.


What is the hair and where is it from?

 The extensions are made of remy hair which basically means its selected from the best quality hair. My extensions as made up of European and Asian hair as I felt it was much better quality than the Indian remy hair. I have ensured that all of the hair is ethically sourced this is a big thing for me!