Hi Ladies, 


I set up Luxury locks at the end of 2020. I endured a long battle with hair loss after the birth of my second son and I completely lost my confidence, I felt in a very dark place. I tried every shampoo, tablet and supplement under the sun.

Eventually I decided to get extensions to get that full mane, after I left I felt much more confident and positive. I would love to help every woman feel like that. 


I noticed women don’t discuss hair loss, it’s a taboo subject. I want to give women that confidence to discuss it and reach out. I would love to create a community via Instagram for people to share stories and help each other.


Hair loss may occur because people have health issues, possibly can’t grow their hair naturally or it may be hereditary.


I realise a lot of mums and women in general don’t want the upkeep of permanent extensions but for special events such as weddings or job interviews they want to feel special and confident.


I’m offering a bespoke service I can colour match with my seamless clips in link is below to book in. They aren’t visible so very discreet. They are made out of human hair so can be styled with your natural hair so they blend really well, Super light weight, so simple to put in easy as 1,2,3,4  It takes under 10 minutes to put these in, they are simply, easy and amazing. Check out my reviews on my Instagram page, under highlights, check me out link to my page is on the home page.

Lots of love

Sam xx


What do Stylists say? 

Charlotte Gibson Hair 

Love love love the hair! It Curled so well and feel gorgeous. 

Louise Delaney 

My Sample arrived today. It's honestly the best quality clip in I have seen. Its so soft and full. 

Kerry Denison 

The Sample arrived and the hair is so gorgeous! I love how flat it sits to the head!